Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Either/Or, my personal favorite Elliott Smith album, was released in 1997 and is his third CD. Three of the songs were featured in the Good Will Hunting soundtrack (Angeles, Say Yes, and Between the Bars).
Elliott Smith- Either/Or

XO marks Elliott Smith's major label debut on DreamWorks records. Released only a year after Either/Or, it has more up-tempo songs with drums. While this does slightly take away from the usual 'a guy singing with a guitar' sound of Elliott Smith, it's not to say the songs aren't excellent.
There's not much to be said here. Ear Bleeding Country is the best of Dinosaur Jr., the alternative rock band from Massachusetts. Being fans of Nirvana, they have a distinctive sound characterized by their extensive use of feedback and distortion and J Mascis' nasal voice. My favorites are In A Jar, Freak Scene, Repulsion, and the horn led I'm Insane.
Beyond is Dinosaur Jr.'s first album since 1998, but it's like Mascis, Barlow, and Murph all took a time machine back to when they played together to record this album. Their trademark sound is definitely still intact here. It was released on May 1st of this year, although it was leaked four months prior. Personal favorites include Back to Your Heart, Almost Ready, and We're Not Alone.

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